Takatsugu Ishimoto
M.D., Ph.D.


     Our research interests are tumor microenvironment, cancer metabolism, cancer stem cell biology in gastrointestinal cancers including pancreatic cancer and HCC. Recently, we know stromal cells and immune cells can be targeted in addition to anti-cancer drugs in solid tumors.
Understanding the cross-talk between cancer cells and tumor microenvironment leads to the development of stroma-targeted drugs.

     Various studies are on-going using primary fibroblasts derived from cancer tissues, gene engineering mouse models, single cell analysis and in vivo imaging technology.

1) Studying of molecular mechanism underlying diffuse-type gastric cancer progression depending
    on cancer stroma
2) Studying of metastatic niche in peritoneal dissemination
3) Understanding of Metabolic remodeling- and inflammatory signaling-mediated cancer progression
    in pancreatic cancer