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IRCMS Fellowship

The IRCMS will provide financial support to graduate students with exceptional academic qualifications and strong motivation to perform cutting-edge biomedical researches through IRCMS Fellowship. Prospective students are expected to be enrolled in the master's or doctoral degree program at Kumamoto University and to train under the supervision of PIs affiliated with the IRCMS. The Fellowship will be awarded on a competitive basis and the selected candidates will be guided through the entrance process of the Graduate School for Medical Sciences of Kumamoto University. The IRCMS Fellowship is open to applicants of all nationalities(日本国内に居住する日本人学生も対象), and the graduate training supported by this Fellowship will be conducted in English.

【Fellowship Details】
Successful candidate will be appointed as Research Assistant (RA) or Teaching Assistant (TA) and be paid upon Kumamoto University’s regulation.
No other cost will be covered by IRCMS.

【Period and Number of Fellowships】
The period of Fellowship will be from after applicant’s enrollment to March, 2024 (max 10 months).

【Application deadline】
Application should be submitted by November 30, 2022. (Japan Standard Time)
*Entry tab will be closed automatically at the closing time.

Eligibility Requirements
Applicants must agree to apply for one of the departments shown below of
Graduate School of Medical Sciences in Kumamoto University.
Great Department Department Supervisor
International Research Center for Medical Sciences(IRCMS) Stem Cell Stress Hitoshi Takizawa
Transcriptional Regulation in Leukemogenesis Goro Sashida
Developmental Morphogenesis Sheng George Guojun
Cancer Metabolism Masaya Baba
Multi-dimensional Imaging Hidenobu Mizuno
Skin Regeneration and Aging Aiko Sada
Developmental Cardiology Yuichiro Arima
Proteostasis in Stem Cell Kenichi Miharada
Chromatin Organization in Immune Cell Development Daisuke Kurotaki
Schedule outline of IRCMS Scholarship selection
For April Enrollment For October Enrollment
Application Procedure
Application must be submitted through the entry form. Application by email will not be accepted.
Application Documents
All of the following documents should be in A4 size. IRCMS may request additional
documents if necessary. The total file size for each application should not exceed
1) Application form and CV with the designated format
2) Undergraduate academic transcript (for master applicants);
  Undergraduate and master academic transcripts (for doctoral applicants);
3) Degree certificate;
4) Official English Test score (TOEFL-PBT/-ITP, TOEIC/TOEIC-IP or IELTS).
5) 1-2 recommendation letters from teachers/mentors.
6) Any additional supporting documents (e.g., awards, publications).
Screening Process & Announcement of the Results
Screening Process & Announcement of the Results
Master Course
The 2-year master course aims at providing training in medicine and life sciences for researchers, educators and highly specialized professionals graduated from a university other than Japanese medical, dental or veterinary schools or faculties. Through this program Kumamoto University is striving to educate the next generation high-caliber experts who will play leading roles in the areas of medicine, health care and life sciences.
Students are required to obtain at least 30 credits through coursework and research projects. They are required to write a Master's thesis on their research topic and orally defend it at the end of their second year. After the successful completion of the course, Kumamoto University will award the Master of Life Sciences. 

Please see the homepage for details:
Doctoral Course (PhD)
The usually 4-year course aims at providing medical doctors and bioscientists an excellent training to lead successful careers on the national and international stage. The students will obtain a sophisticated knowledge in interdisciplinary studies, acquire cutting-edge skills, and develop a research-oriented mindset during their studies encompassing a flexible mixture of courses, seminars, lectures by experienced doctors, experimental practice and e-learning. Students need to receive at least 30 credits during the course of their studies besides publishing papers relevant to their research and defending them publicly. Students who have fulfilled all program requirements will be awarded a doctoral degree in Medicine or Life Sciences. 

Please see the homepage for details:
Withdrawal of the Fellowship
If the recipient of the IRCMS Fellowship gets another scholarship or fellowship from outside the Kumamoto University, either at the same time or after the start of the IRCMS Fellowship, the candidate can choose to keep one of them, but not both.
Duty of the Fellowship recipient
(1) Each fellowship recipient should have a presentation to show their achievement in the end of the fellowship support.
(2) After enrollment, successful applicants are expected to discuss with supervising PIs and apply for additional financial support.
The admission to both programs at the IRCMS is centrally organized by the Graduate School of Medical Sciences of Kumamoto University.

Please see their homepage for details:
Administration Office
International Research Center for Medical Sciences (IRCMS)
Kumamoto University
Email: ircms [at]