Goro Sashida
M.D., Ph.D.


  1. Goro Sashida, MD, PhD: Professor
  2. Jie Bai, PhD: Post-doctoral Researcher
  3. Mariko Morii, PhD: Post-doctoral researcher (JSPS-RPD)
  4. Mayumi Hirayama, DDS, PhD: Post-doctoral researcher
  5. Mihoko Iimori, MT: Research assistant
  6. Ai Hamashima, BS: Reseach assistant/PhD student (M1)
  7. Supannika Sorin, MS: PhD student (D1) (S-HIGO fellowship)
  8. Eerdunduleng, MD: PhD student (D1) (the Ushio scholarship)
  9. Arusyak Ivanyan, MD: PhD student (D1) (IRCMS fellowship)
  10. Ratthaphong Phumphu, BS: Visiting PhD student (from Khon Kaen University)
  11. Akiho Nishimura, MD: PhD student (D1)
  12. Keiji Matsufuji, DDS: part-time Reseach assistant
  13. Motomi Osato, MD, PhD: Visiting Professor


  1. Sara Kaneda: part-time research assistant/MD student (-2016)
  2. Takako Ideue, MD: Research Specialist (-2018)
  3. Daiki Tanaka, MD: part-time research assistant/MD student (-2019)
  4. Gaber Abdallah Abdallah, MD: Visiting research fellow (-2020)
  5. Nanami Kurita: part-time research assistant/MD student (-2020)
  6. Kuan Jew Win, MD, PhD: Research fellow (JSPS-RONPAKU, PhD from Kumamoto University) (2017-2020)
  7. Supannika Sorin, BS: Visiting PhD student (from Khon Kaen University) (2020-2021)
  8. Ayaka Maeda, MD: part-time research assistant/MD student (-2021)
  9. Wang Yongjie: PhD student (2020-2022)
  10. Yonoshin Hayashi: part-time research assistant/MD student (-2022)
  11. Takako Yokomizo, PhD: Post-doctoral researcher (2015-2022) (Current position; Asistant Professor, The University of Tokyo)
  12. Yuqi Sun, MD, PhD: PhD student (PhD from Kumamoto University) (2017-2022)
  13. Sho Kubota, PhD: Asistant Professor (2015-2023) (Current position; Asistant Professor, Okayama University)


If you are interested in studying and working with us, please email at sashidag(at)kumamoto-u.ac.jp.  We are always happy to hear from good motivated people (potential postdocs, clinical fellows, and students) and undergraduate students, who want to get a PhD degree from Kumamoto University.

Lab photos:

Lab lunch in December 2023: We send Ton to his home. He has accomplished a lot in Kumamoto in one and half year.

IMG_1551 copy.jpeg

Lab lunch in December 2022:



In November 2022, we had a party: Welcome Eeerdun-Farewell Arusyak-Discharge congratulations Ratthaphong.

CIMG6586 copy.jpg


Yuqi Sun left Kumamoto after he got a PhD degree in March 2022. Congratulations! We wish him great future and wonderful life in China!



Ayaka graduated School of Medicine, Kumamoto University, and got a MD degree in March 2021. We are proud of Ayaka because of her outstanding accomplishments in Kumamoto. Congratulations! We wish her continued success in a new place as being a doctor!

IMG_20210325_130235 copy.jpg


We send Supannika "Mean" Sorin back to Thailand in January 2021. We wish her good luck!