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[Aug. 25] 7th IROAST & IRCMS Joint Seminar

July 28 2020

1. Time and date:
August 25th (Tuesday), 2020     14:00-15:55

2. Type of Seminar:
Online Meeting with Zoom (* English as a medium of seminar)

3. Program:
 (1) Opening Remarks
  14:00 - 14:05 Dr. Toshio Suda, Director of IRCMS

 (2) Research Progress Report by the IRCMS-IROAST research collaboration groups
  14:05 - 14:20 Group 1 (Presenter: Hidenobu Mizuno, IRCMS)
             "Quantitative bioimage analysis to elucidate dynamics of hematopietic stem cells in living animals"
  14:20 - 14:35 Group 2 (Presenter: Koichi Nishiyama, IRCMS)
              "Combined in vitro and in silico analyses to dissect roles of blood flow in
                metastatic intravasation of cancer cells."
  14:35 - 14:50 Group 3 (Presenter: Tokio Tani, FAST)
              "Development of the novel drugs for Adult T-cell Leukemia
               based on the modifications of nuclear morphology"
  14:50 - 15:05 Group 4 (Presenter: Buluke, IRCMS)
            "Significance of tumor microenvironmental 15pgdh depletion in pancreatic cancer"
  15:05 - 15:20 Group 5 (Presenter: Sheng Guojun, IRCMS)
            "MMP sensors and sensor-based in vivo delivery of small molecules"

 (3) "Short Research Self-marketing"
          Introduce own research to find new joint research counterparts
  15:20 - 15:50  2 minutes per a person, 15 researchers at most

 (4) Closing Remarks
  15:50 - 15:55  Dr. Takashi Hiyama, Director of IROAST

4. Organizers: Dr. Takashi Hiyama, Director, IROAST
                        Dr. Toshio Suda, Director, IRCMS

5. Seminar Abstract:
 Aiming to create joint researches which develops interdisciplinary research fields, both IROAST and IRCMS have provided administrative and financial support to researches. In this seminar, the 5 IRCMS-IROAST research collaboration groups of FY 2019 support will report their research progress.
 In addition, there will be a session where researchers who are willing to start new joint researches to introduce their own research and find a joint research counterpart. The support for the research collaboration groups which are aiming to start new joint research as not only Medical-Engineering collaboration but also interdisciplinary research with the core of life sciences and/or natural sciences will be provided in FY 2020.

6. Registration:
Please pre-register by the following URL to receive the Zoom meeting information and/or apply for "Short Research Self-marketing" by Monday, August 17th, 2020.

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