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The 1st KU-KAIST Joint Symposium on October 22nd, 2018

November 6 2018

The 1st KU-KAIST Joint Symposium (The 3rd IRCMS & IROAST Joint Seminar) on October 22nd, 2018 at KAIST, Korea

The 1st KU-KAIST Joint Symposium was held on October 22nd, 2018 at Matrix Hall, KI Building, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon, Korea.

The symposium was jointly organized by KAIST and Kumamoto University (KU), and it was also held as the 3rd IRCMS & IROAST Joint Seminar (IRCMS: The International Research Center for Medical Sciences, Kumamoto University; IROAST: The International Research Organization for Advanced Science and Technology, Kumamoto University.).

The symposium started with the opening remarks by Prof. Yong-Mahn Han, the Dean of College of Life Science & Bioengineering, KAIST. Then, before starting joint sessions, the Introduction of GSMSE, KAIST by Prof. Gou Yong Koh, the Introduction of IRCMS by Prof. Takizawa, and the Introduction of IROAST by Prof. Hiyama followed.

The Symposium theme was "Stem cell-vascular biology and related technologies".
Six primary investigator (PIs) from IRCMS, 3PIs from IROAST and 5 PIs from KAIST introduced their cutting-edge researches in the four sessions of "Cell Biology", "Vascular Biology", "New Technology" and "Human Disease". 

The aim of this symposium was to match potential research collaborations between Kumamoto University and KAIST, in the field of bio-engineering to harness medicine and technology, in particular, bio-imaging(microscopy, nanotechnology and microfluidics)and single cell analysis(big data informatics, mathematical modeling, etc.). Also, we agreed to have The 2nd KU-KAIST Joint Symposium that has been scheduled on January 25, 2019 in Kumamoto, Japan.

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Session I.  Cell Biology
01 Takizawa.jpg 02 Jinju Han.jpg 03 Sashida.jpg

Hitoshi Takizawa
modification and alteration
of early hematopoiesis"

Jinju Han

"Small noncoding RNAs
in Neurogenesis"

Goro Sashida

"Epigenetic dysregulation in the development of leukemia"

Session II.  Vascular Biology
04 Nishiyama.jpg 05 Injune Kim.jpg 06 Sheng.jpg

Koichi Nishiyama
"Endothelial angiogenic
and the modifiers"

Injune Kim
"Dll4 regulation
of adult blood-retina

Guojun Sheng
Transition in development
and disease"

Session III.  New Technology
07 Ho Min Kim.jpg 08 Higaki.jpg 09 Mizuno.jpg 10 Pilhan Kim.jpg 11 Aeju Lee.jpg

Ho Min Kim

"Single particle
EM from low to
high resolution
for macromolecular
complex structure
& biomedical research"

Takumi Higaki
"Bioimage clustering
and classification"

Hidenobu Mizuno
"In vivo two-photon
imaging of developing
neuronal circuits
in the cerebral cortex"

Pilhan Kim
"Intravital microscopy
for dynamic cellular
phenotype analysis,
in vivo"

Aeju Lee
polymeric nanoparticles
for target drug delivery
and molecular Imaging"

Session IV.  Human Disease
12 Young Seok Ju.jpg 13 Sato.jpg 14 Zheng.jpg 15 Jaemyoung Suh.jpg

Young Seok Ju KAIST
"Timing and atterns of structural variations in lung adenocarcinoma"

Yorifumi Satou KU-IRCMS
"Massive single cell profiling of peripheral blood from human T-cell leukemia virus infected individuals"

Yufeng Zheng
"Biological response of degradable metallic biomaterials by stem cell model and animal testings"

Jaemyoung Suh KAIST
"FGF1 takes on new roles in metabolism and tissue homeostasis"

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