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Koichi Nishiyama

Koichi Nishiyama
Koichi Nishiyama
M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Tel: +81-96-373-6876
Fax: +81-96-373-6869
E-mail: nkanako(at)

Research Field

Vascular biology & medicine, Quantitative & theoretical biology

Research Interests

Koichi Nishiyama and his group work on the mechanisms underlying angiogenic morphogenesis, especially focusing on the self-organizational ability of vascular cells, using integrative approaches that include medicine, developmental biology, quantitative biology and theoretical biology.
They also investigate tissue-specific and functional structure formation and patterning of vasculature via interactions between vascular cells and the environments. Through the studies of angiogenic morphogenesis, they finally aim to understand the mechanism of how orderly and functional shape or tissue of organism is formed reproducibly, and also intend to apply this science to synthetic biology, tissue engineering and, eventually, to regenerative medicine.

What's New

What's New