IRCMS International Research Center for Medical Sciences


Hidenobu Mizuno
Associate Professor


Selected publications

Mizuno H.(correspondence)Rao M.S., Mizuno H., Sato T., Nakazawa S., Iwasato T. NMDA receptor enhances correlation of spontaneous activity in neonatal barrel cortex. J Neurosci in press.

Rao M.S., Mizuno H.(correspondence) Elucidating mechanisms of neuronal circuit formation in layer 4 of the somatosensory cortex via intravital imaging. Neurosci Res in press.

Higaki T., Mizuno H.(correspondence)  Four-dimensional imaging with virtual reality to quantitatively explore jigsaw puzzle-like morphogenesis of Arabidopsis cotyledon pavement cells. Plant Biotech in press.

Mizuno H.(correspondence), Nakazawa S., Iwasato T.  In vivo two-photon imaging of cortical neurons in neonatal mice. J Vis Exp 140, e58340 (2018).

Mizuno H.(correspondence), Ikezoe K., Nakazawa S., Sato T., Kitamura K., Iwasato, T.  Patchwork-type spontaneous activity in neonatal barrel cortex layer 4 transmitted via thalamocortical projections. Cell Rep 22, 123-35 (2018)

Luo W., Mizuno H.(co-first), Iwata R., Nakazawa S. Yasuda K., Itohara S., Iwasato T.  Supernova: A versatile vector system for single-cell labeling and gene function studies in vivo. Sci Rep 6, 35747 (2016)

Mizuno H., Luo W., Tarusawa E., Saito Y.M., Sato T., Yoshimura Y., Itohara S., Iwasato, T.  NMDAR-regulated dynamics of layer 4 neuronal dendrites during thalamocortical reorganization in neonates. Neuron 82, 365-79, (2014)

Mizuno H., Hirano T., Tagawa Y.  Pre-synaptic and post-synaptic neuronal activity supports the axon development of callosal projection neurons during different post-natal periods in the mouse cerebral cortex. Eur J Neurosci 31, 410-24 (2010)

Mizuno H., Hirano T., Tagawa Y.  Evidence for activity-dependent cortical wiring: Formation of interhemispheric connections in neonatal mouse visual cortex requires projection neuron activity. J Neurosci 27, 6760-70 (2007)