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Hitomi Nagayama

Hitomi Nagayama
Hitomi Nagayama
Visiting Professor


1998 Pioneer of umbilical cord transplantation (UCBT) for adult recipient in Japan, contributing to the establishment of Tokyo Cord Blood Bank.
1999 Pioneer of UCBT for nuclear accident victim
1999 Principal investigator of phaseⅠ clinical trial of autologous tumor-lysate pulsed dendritic cell vaccination combined with interleukin-2 for stage Ⅳ malignant melanoma.
2010 Principal investigator of phase Ⅰ/Ⅱ clinical trial of HLA-restricted VEGFR-1-derived peptide vaccination combined with gemcitabine for advanced pancreatic cancer.
Patent: Cytotoxic T cell products (JP pat. P5840857, The University of Tokyo)
Under the collaboration with the Division of Experimental Immunology, Institute of Advanced Medical Science, University of Tokushima.

Research Field

Hematology and oncology

Research Interests

Umbilical cord blood, Hematoipoietic stem cell transplantation: HSCT, Dendritic cells, Immuotherapy

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