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[Sep. 28-29] IRCMS symposium Rise of Diversity in Science

July 12 2023

Diverse perspectives are the cornerstone of scientific development, and promoting of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is essential for the next generation of science. What is needed to create a research environment suitable for the coming era, and what are the barriers and challenges that hinder this? In this symposium, researchers in the fields of developmental biology, stem cell biology, and basic medicine will gather from Japan and abroad, to discuss these issues and their research. As a model for contributing to the local and international community through science, we will share diverse perspectives and provide inspiration for achieving gender equality and promoting diversity in the scientific community from Kumamoto University. Anyone is welcome to participate. The program can be download from here.

Date: September 28 (Thu)- September 29 (Fri), 2023

Format: Hybrid
On-site: International Research Center for Medical Sciences (IRCMS), Kumamoto University, JAPAN.
On-line: Webinar

Registration Link:

Call for the RDS Poster Session:


◆Mahekta Gujar (National University of Singapore)

◆Momoko Hamano (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

◆Mizuki Honda (Kyoto University)

◆Mai Inagaki (Tokushima University)

◆Yasuko Inaba (NAIST)

◆Ayaka Ito (Nagoya University)

◆Sayako Katada (Kyushu University)

◆Tatsuyoshi Kono (Indiana University)

◆Miho Sekai (Kyoto University)

◆Guojun Sheng (Kumamoto University)

◆Miyuki Suzuki (Caltech)

◆Miwa Tanaka (Japanese Foundation For Cancer Research)

◆Kanako Wakahashi (CNIC)

◆Yingzi Yang (Harvard University)


Aiko Sada (IRCMS)

Asako Shindo (IMEG)

Goro Sashida (IRCMS)

Hitoshi Takizawa (IRCMS)

Yuichiro Arima (IRCMS)

Supported by Yuki Yoshioka, Ryunosuke Naito, Nazuki Doi, Nanako Watanabe, Mai Matsushita

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