Yuichiro Arima

Yuichiro Arima
Yuichiro Arima
M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor (Vice Director)

Tel: 096-373-6883
Fax: 096-373-6869
E-mail: arimay[at]kumamoto-u.ac.jp

Research Field

1. Association between cardiovascular development and adult-onset diseases
2. Effects of ketone bodies on health and diseases
3. Analysis of micro-architecture using X-ray CT


Research Interests

  Arima laboratory has two research themes: the relationship between cardiovascular development and pathology, and ketone body metabolism. Developmental Origins of Health and Diseases (DOHaD) is a concept that the perinatal environmental stress influences the acquisition of a predisposition of lifestyle-related diseases in adulthood. Although epidemiological evidences are robust, underlying mechanisms are not well understood. We are trying to clarify the relation between the cardiovascular development and adult-onset disease through basic research. In addition, in the process of analyzing the neonatal period, it became clear that ketone body synthesis becomes active during the neonatal period. To elucidate the significance of ketone body metabolism in the neonatal period, we have generated knockout mice for HMG-CoA synthase2 (Hmgcs2), the rate-limiting enzyme in ketone body synthesis, and discovered a new function of ketone body synthesis. . In recent years, it has been suggested that a moderate increase in ketone body concentration may have a positive effect on the body, but we do not know the details such as whether the concentration is important or the timing of the increase is important. Therefore, we are also working on the development of a mouse model that can freely control ketone body metabolism by applying optogenetical engineering techniques.
  In addition, we value morphological evaluation when looking at phenotypes, and are working to develop imaging methods using micro/nano CT.

 有馬研究室では、心血管の発生と病態との関連、そしてケトン体代謝の二つを重要なテーマとして研究しています。生活習慣病胎児発症起源説(Developmental Origins of Health and Diseases; DOHaD)は、胎生期や生後早期の周産期発育環境が、成人後の生活習慣病になりやすい体質の獲得に影響するという概念です。すでに疫学的には明らかな事実ですが、メカニズムがよくわかっていません。そこで、基礎研究を通じて心疾患の病態形成に及ぼす影響を明らかにしようと解析を進めています。また、新生児期の解析を進める過程で、新生児期にはケトン体合成が活発になることが明らかになりました。新生仔期のケトン体代謝の意義を明らかにするため、ケトン体合成の律速段階酵素であるHMG-CoA synthase2(Hmgcs2)のノックアウトマウスを作成し、ケトン体合成の新たな機能を発見しています。近年、適度なケトン体濃度の上昇は体に良い働きをする可能性が示唆されていますが、濃度が重要なのか、上昇するタイミングが重要なのかといった詳細は一切わかっていません。そこで、光工学的な手法を応用して、ケトン体代謝を自在に制御できるマウスモデルの開発にも取り組んでいます。
 また、表現型を見る上では形態の評価を大切にしていて、micro/nano CTを用いたイメージング手法の開発にも努めています。


We are always looking for motivated graduate students and postdocs. If you are particularly interested in the following research, please do not hesitate to contact me(arimay[at]kumamoto-u.ac.jp).

- People interested in cardiovascular development
- People interested in ketone body metabolism
- People interested in technologies such as biosensing, optogenetics, and telemetry systems