Daisuke Kurotaki

Daisuke Kurotaki
Daisuke Kurotaki
Associate Professor

Tel: 096-373-6891
Fax: 096-373-6869
E-mail: kurotakid[at]kumamoto-u.ac.jp

Research Field

Chromatin structure, Epigenome, Gene regulation, Mononuclear phagocytes

Research Interests

Higher-order chromatin structures and epigenetic modifications dynamically change during cell differentiation and response to external stimuli; however, their functional significance in the establishment of cell type-specific and stimulation-dependent gene expression patterns remains elusive. Mononuclear phagocytes, such as monocytes and dendritic cells, derived from hematopoietic stem cells, are essential for various immune responses. In our laboratory, we clarify the functional roles of chromatin structures, epigenetic modifications, and cis-regulatory elements in the transcriptional control of mononuclear phagocytes during differentiation and inflammation.