IRCMS International Research Center for Medical Sciences




IRCMS provides to eligible students and interested staff of Kumamoto University access to its server for bioinformatics research and education.

Sever access includes an account on Dell PowerEdge R620 and R720 (2x12 cores) accessible from campus premises or via VPN from outside. Users are permitted to install their own tools in their home directory. General available tools and packages include bioperl, bioconductor (with almost 1,300 available modules), bowtie, MODELLER, MySQL, Perl (non-threaded and multi-threaded), PyMOL, Python, RStudio Server, tophat, Samtools, and Trinity (incl. transcript quantification and annotation tools) among others.

In addition to collaborative research involving bioinformatics IRCMS offers routine bioinformatics support on a Fee For Service (FFS) agreement basis. User account requests and inquiries regarding services should be directed to For inquiries on collaborative research contact