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[April 23] 37th IRCMS Seminar

April 2 2018

We would like to inform you that the 37th IRCMS Seminar has been scheduled as below. We would be pleased to see many of you participating in the seminar.

Date       : April 23, 2018 (Mon)
Time    : 16:00 - 17:00
Venue    : 1F Meeting Lounge, International Research Center for Medical Sciences (IRCMS)
Speaker : Koichi Takahashi M.D.
                Assistant Professor, Department of Leukemia, Division of Cancer Medicine,
                The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, U.S.A.

"Evolution of AML genome and epigenome during therapy"

Recent advancement in genomic sequencing has enabled comprehensive and unbiased characterization of cancer genome. Next challenge is to apply these technologies and interpret complex data derived from these platforms in the context of clinical dynamics.We will go over some of our recent data from clinical sequencing of AML samples obtained longitudinally during various types of therapies including cytotoxic chemotherapy and molecularly targeted agents. These data show how AML genome and epigenome distinctively evolve under the different types of therapies.

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