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18th IRCMS Seminar

January 13 2017

We would like to inform you that the 18th IRCMS Seminar has been scheduled as below.
We would be pleased to see many of you participating in the seminar.

Date:    January 26, 2017 (Thu)
Time:   16:00 - 17:00
Venue: 2F Seminar Room, Center for AIDS Research

Masahiro Fukuda, M.D.

Research Fellow
Program in Neuroscience and Behavioral Disorders,
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore

 "In vivo imaging of intraperitoneal organs using two-photon microscope"

Since the invention of two photon microscopy (TPM) in 1990, TPM has been the indispensable tool for neuroscience. Along with the development of TPM, a variety of fluorescent probes and functional probes have been created, which enabled not only the visualization of structural morphologies but also the detection of various functional activities ranging from cellular activities to neurotransmitter releases. In addition, the advancement of experimental techniques including surgical and imaging techniques enabled it to observe brain-wide activities with cellular resolution in awake and behaving animals.

Despite the great success in neuroscience, TPM has been utilized little in other disciplines, except hematology and immunology. In addition, it is not widely recognized that the difference between TPM and the confocal microscope may make pitfalls. The basics of in vivo two photon imaging and the techniques to observe cellular motilities and blood flow in several organs including the liver and stomach will be presented.