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8 Research Interns successfully completed the program

March 15 2016

The first IRCMS Research Internship Program had received 8 students from 7 countries, UK, Ukraine, Malaysia, China, Egypt, Iran, and Tanzania for the period between December 21, 2015 and March 12, 2016. Each Research Intern spent three to eight weeks at the labs. Each student learned the latest experiment techniques and know-hows using the most advanced equipment which they never had a chance to use in their home countries. Majority of students are intending to apply for the Master or PhD courses and Post-Doctoral at the Kumamoto University in AY2016 or following years. Here are some comments from the Interns and photos.

"What I like the most here was that I can work with hard-working, motivated staff here. I cannot wait to return as PhD student."(Egyptian Intern)

"I have given my own research project for 8 weeks and I was exited and enjoyed every experiment in the perfect research environment. I will continue what I have started here at my home lab and will prepare myself to return Kumamoto University as PhD student." (Ukrainian Intern)

" In my country I have learned only in theory but here I could put them into practice. I will share what I have learned with my collegues." (Tanzanian Intern)

"I have been trained hand by hand from the PI which I could not get in the lab in the UK and I chose to come back as PD to the IRCMS." (Tunisian Intern from UK)