IRCMS International Research Center for Medical Sciences



Bio Safety Level 3 (BSL3) laboratory

The Bio Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory (on the fifth floor) is one of core facilities in IRCMS building. It has been built for work with microorganisms classified BSL-3 including HIV-1 (AIDS viruses), and functioning since April 2014. The IRCMS BSL-3 laboratory is a safe (a double automatic door and HEPA filtration of the exhaust air), and efficient technical platform (currently with 5 biosafety cabinets).

Bio Safety Level 3 (BSL3) laboratory

Equipment room

Communal equipments, Flow Cytometer, Confocal Microscopy and Image Analyzer are located in the equipment room. More new equipments including Cell Sorter are to be introduced soon.

Core FacilityII.JPG

Core FacilityII2.JPG

Core FacilityII3.JPG

Core FacilityII4.JPG

Open Lab

We have open laboratories to promote exchanges of various researchers so as to inspire each other.


Office space

There are two types of offices; compact sized PI room and large room for young researchers.


Seminar room

There is a compact meeting room on the third floor, where the lab members hold in-house seminars and meetings.


Fingerprint identification system

The door to the elevator hall is closely controlled by the fingerprint identification system.



An open communication space on the first floor for vigorous exchanges of researchers.


Meeting lounge

An open meeting space, which could be separated by glass partition

1F Meeting Rounge.JPG