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Bio Safety Level 3 (BSL3) laboratory

The Bio Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory (on the fifth floor) is one of core facilities in IRCMS building. It has been built for work with microorganisms classified BSL-3 including HIV-1 (AIDS viruses), and functioning since April 2014. The IRCMS BSL-3 laboratory is a safe (a double automatic door and HEPA filtration of the exhaust air), and efficient technical platform (currently with 5 biosafety cabinets).

  • Bio Safety Level 3 (BSL3) laboratory

Equipment room

Communal equipments, Flow Cytometer, Confocal Microscopy and Image Analyzer are located in the equipment room. More new equipments including Cell Sorter are to be introduced soon.

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Open Lab

We have open laboratories to promote exchanges of various researchers so as to inspire each other.

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Office space

There are two types of offices; compact sized PI room and large room for young researchers.

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Seminar room

There is a compact meeting room on the third floor, where the lab members hold in-house seminars and meetings.

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Fingerprint identification system

The door to the elevator hall is closely controlled by the fingerprint identification system.

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An open communication space on the first floor for vigorous exchanges of researchers.

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Meeting lounge

An open meeting space, which could be separated by glass partition

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