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[Mar. 1] 106th IRCMS Seminar

February 27 2024

We would like to inform you that the 106th IRCMS seminar has been scheduled as below.
* This IRCMS seminar is open to everyone.

Date      : March 1, 2024 (Friday)

Time      : 11:00-12:00

ZOOM : Meeting ID:853 0031 3950
              Passcode: IRCMS2431

Speaker : Dr. Oleg Gusev (Intractable Disease Research Center, Graduate School of Medicine, Juntendo University)

Title        : Cartilage regeneration, quick blood coagulation and more in spiny mice Acomys cahirinus.

Abstract :

In recent years, the unique regenerative capabilities of the spiny mice of genus Acomys have received increasing attention. The spiny mice is the only mammal that regenerates tissues without fibrosis, showing restoration in skeletal muscle, repaired defects in skin flaps with associated structures such as hair, recovery of kidney function , and myocardial contractility after coronary artery ligation. We have additionally documented the regeneration of a round defect in the auricle and elastic cartilage, a process that was initially deemed to have limited potential for recovery. The exceptional behavior of Acomys in the face of pathologies, rarely seen in mouse species, including disorders related to coronary circulation or renal disease, could be an indirect result of unique evolution of its regenerative abilities. Moreover, we have recently unveiled unexpected enhancement of blood clotting in Acomys. A significant reduction in the tail bleeding time was found in Acomys cahirinus mice compared to Balb/c mice. This reduction was strongly associated with an increase in plasma fibrinogen concentration in spiny mice, which probably underlies their remarkable ability to stop bleeding. These results shed light on the distinctive haemostatic potential of Acomys cahirinus and hint at possible adaptations in their ecological niche. Studying the mechanisms and evolutionary intricacies of the haemostatic system in this remarkable species may open the way to understanding the role of blood clotting in their exceptional regenerative capacity. Uniqueness of Acomys opens promising new opportunities for collaboration among researchers, including potential projects of cross-comparison of molecular mechanisms in model animals, such as mice and rats, and spiny mice, along with naked mole-rat and other fascinating species.

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