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[Oct. 24] 26th IRCMS Symposium

October 12 2023

The 26th IRCMS symposium will be held as follows. It will be a hybrid style symposium (on-site and online), organized by Dr. Hitoshi Takizawa of IRCMS, Kumamoto University.

Date      : October 24th, 2023 (Tuesday)

Time      : 9:00 - 12:00 (JST)

Speakers : Emmanuelle Passegué, PhD
                   Alumni Professor, Columbia University (US)
                  Amélie Collins, MD, PhD
                   Assistant Professor, Columbia University (US)
                  Daisuke Kurotaki, PhD
                   Associate Professor, Kumamoto University (Japan)
                  Kenichi Miharada, PhD
                   Professor, Kumamoto University (Japan)
                  Hitoshi Takizawa, PhD
                   Profeesor, Kumamoto University (Japan)

Inquiry: IRCMS Administrative Office
             ircms@*      (Replace " * " with "jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp" when sending.)

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