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[Sep. 25] 95th IRCMS Seminar

September 15 2023

We would like to inform you that the 95th IRCMS seminar has been scheduled as below.
* This IRCMS seminar is open to everyone.

Date      : September 25, 2023 (Monday)

Time      : 16:00-17:00

ZOOM : Meeting ID: 861 5935 5500
             Passcode: Seminar95

Speaker : Dr. Yuanyuan Guo
                 Tohoku University

Title        :  Multimodal Bio-Interfaces: Advancements in Microelectronic Fiber Technology 

Abstract :

Millions of individuals globally suffer from brain disorders, accentuating the critical need for effective therapeutic interventions. To address this challenge, a nuanced understanding of neural circuits is essential, encompassing molecular, cellular, systemic, and behavioral facets. Our research endeavors to fill existing gaps by applying cutting-edge engineering solutions. Conventional neural technologies predominantly target electrical activities, thereby limiting the scope for investigating intrinsic chemical signals within neural circuits. To overcome this limitation, we have innovated polymer-based microelectronic fibers using thermal drawing techniques. This allows us to extend beyond mere electrical modalities by incorporating chemical, optical, mechanical functionalities. Such fiber-based bio-interfaces pave the way for both in-depth mechanistic studies and therapeutic applications.

A significant area of our focus has been the integration of novel bioreceptors - such as aptamers into the fibers, which enables high-sensitivity in vivo neurochemical sensing[1]. Moreover, we have initiated the development of shape-programmable smart fibers that serve as multimodal catheters (PCT/JP2022/17664). These fibers can adjust their orientation in response to chemical sensing data[2]. Further adding to the utility, we have amalgamated microfluidics within these fibers, allowing for the manipulation of biofluids for precision bioanalytical applications[3]. Extending the applicability of this technology, we have also engineered fiber-based smart textiles for daily health monitoring. These textiles are capable of concurrently measuring various physiological parameters such as compounds in the sweat[4], brain waves, body temperature, respiration rate etc. This innovation marks a significant stride toward a new era in both neuroscience research and everyday health monitoring. In summary, we will explore the myriad possibilities offered by these microelectronic fiber-based multimodal bio-interfaces in neuroscience as well as in routine health surveillance.

[1] T. Saizaki, M. Kubo et al, Analytical Chemistry, 2023.

[2] Y. Sato and Y. Guo*, ACS Applied Engineering Materials, 2023, 1, 2, 822-831.

[3] S. Kato, D. Carlson, A. Shen* and Y. Guo*, in revision.

[4] J. Wu, Y. Sato and Y. Guo*, Analytical cand Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2023,1-2.


Flyer: (Click to enlarge)

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