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[Oct. 20-21] The 5th KU-KAIST Joint Symposium

October 5 2022

The hybrid style symposium (on-site and online) will be held on October 20th and 21st on 9:00-18:30, 2022.

Date & Time: October 20th, 2022  9:00-18:30
       Ocotober 21st, 2022 9:00-12:10
Venue: Onsite & Online
            IRCMS Lounge, IRCMS Building & Zoom

< Day1 >
(1) Opening remarks    
     Toshio Suda, IRCMS, Kumamoto University

(2) Session Ⅰ- Hepatic Metabolism and Fibrosis (9:10-10:50)

     Talk1: Yuichiro Arima (IRCMS, Kumamoto University)
      NASH/NAFLD treatment using "opto-metabolism"

     Talk2: Won-il Jeong (GSMSE, KAIST)
      "Hepatic glutamate and mGluR5 in liver fibrosis"

     Talk3: Pilhan Kim (GSMSE, KAIST)
      "Intravital imaging of hepatic steatosis and fibrosis"

(3) Session Ⅱ Keynote  (11:00-11:50)

      Talk4: Keisuke Ito (IRCMS, KU & Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
       "Mitochondrial contributions to hematopoietic homeostasis and the pathogenesis of hematological disorders"

(4) Session Ⅲ- Micro-Nano environment & Genetic Engineering (14:00-16:00)

      Talk5: Jinju Han (GSMSE, KAIST)
        "AGO1 affects social behaviors by shaping brain structure"

      Talk6: Hidenobu Muzuno (IRCMS, KU)
        "Imaging neuronal activity pattern in developing neocotex"

      Talk7: Hyun Jung Chung (Department of Biological Science, KAIST)
       "Nanomedicine approaches for in vivo gene editing and therapy"

      Talk8: Ji Min Lee(GSMSE, KAIST)
       "Reprogramming epigenetic crosstalk and genome modification in disease

(5) Session Ⅳ- Nano-technologies & Disease (16:10-17:40)

       Talk9: Yoon Sung Nam (Department of Materials Science and engineering, KAIST)
        "Enzyme-free Nucleic Acid Assay via Target-mediated Quantum dot-DNA Nanogel Formation"

       Talk10: Daisuke Kurotaki (IRCMS, KU)
       "3D chromatin strucuture dynamics during dendritic cell differntiation and activation"

       Talk11: Sungmin Son (GSMSE, KAIST)
       "Multiplexed RNA detection with Cas 13 droplets

(6) Session Ⅴ- KU-KAIST joint research result Hitoshi Takizawa (Kumamoto University) (17:50-18:30)
       "Microbiota-regulated hematoiesis

< Day2 >

(1)Session Ⅵ - Nano-technologies & Disease (9:00-12:10)
     Talk1: Sho Kubota (IRCMS, KU)
     "Inflammatory stress tolerance of hematopoietic stem cell is activated by Hmga2"

     Talk2: Ji Eun Oh (GSMSE, KAIST)
     "Humoral immunity in different mucosal systems"

     Talk3: Tatsuya Morishima (IRCMS,KU)
     "Mitochondrial tRNA modification regulates terminal erythroid differentiation"

    Talk4: Ji Ho Park (Department of Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST)
     "Cargo-switching nanomedicine for the treatment of atherosclerosis' instead of 'Drug delivery to improve cancer therapy"

    Talk5: Sangyong Jon (Department of Biological Science, KAIST)
     "Bilirubin nanomedicine for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer therapy"

(2) Closing Remarks
       Injune Kim (GSMSE, KAIST)

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