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  • [Jan.13-14] JSPS Core-to-Core Program Symposium on Hematopoiesis and Leukemia
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[Jan.13-14] JSPS Core-to-Core Program Symposium on Hematopoiesis and Leukemia

December 21 2021

The symposium will be held as a part of JSPS Core-to-Core Program "Integrative approach for normal and leukemic stem cells" as follows. It will be a hybrid-style (on-site & Zoom-based online) seminar due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

* This symposium is limited to the core-to-core program related researchers.
   If you want to attend the symposium, please contact us.


January 13th (Thursday) 1:00 pm - 6:30 pm

January 14th (Friday) 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Venue :

International Research Center for Medical Sciences (IRCMS),    
Kumamoto University

* To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, the seats will be limited.

Speakers :

< Day 1: 13th >
   Dr. Ayako Ishizu
         Tokyo Women's Medical University, Japan
   Dr. Fumio Arai
         Kyushu University, Japan)
   Dr. Hitoshi Takizawa
        Kumamoto University, Japan)
   Dr. Atsushi Hirao
        Kanazawa University, Japan)
   Dr. Kenichi Miharada
        Kumamoto University, Japan)
   Dr. Takaomi Sanda
        National University of Singapore, Singapore)
   Dr. Tomohiko Tamura
        Yokohama City University, Japan)
   Dr. Toshio Suda
        Kumamoto University, Japan)
   Dr. Jonas Larsson
        Lund University, Sweden)
   Dr. Elisa Laurenti
        University of Cambridge, UK)

<Day 2: 14th >
   Dr. Mamiko Sakata
        University of Tsukuba, Japan)
   Dr. Goro Sashida
        Kumamoto University, Japan)
   Dr. Akihiko Yokoyama
        National Cancer Center, Japan)
   Dr. Atsushi Iwama
        The University of Tokyo, Japan)
   Dr. Issay Kitabayashi
        National Cancer Center, Japan)
   Dr. Takuro Nakamura
        The Cancer Institute of JFCR, Japan)
   Dr. Toshio Kitamura
        The University of Tokyo, Japan)


IRCMS Administrative Office
ircms@*      (Replace " * " with "jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp")

Flyer : (Click for a larger image)