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  • [Mar. 15] 78th IRCMS seminar - Mini Symposium
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[Mar. 15] 78th IRCMS seminar - Mini Symposium

February 25 2022

We would like to inform you that the 78th IRCMS seminar - Mini Symposium has been scheduled as below. We would be pleased to see many of you participating in the seminar.

Date       : March 15, 2022 (Tuesday)

Time     : 16:00-17:30
               * On-site and Online
               * To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the seats will be limited to 20.


Time Contents
16:00 - 16:05

Opening Remarks

Dr. Kenichi Miharada (Professor, IRCMS, Kumamoto University)

16:05 - 16:50

Molecular evolutionary study reveals TRPA1 channel as the hypoxic stress sensor that regulates blood supply to the fetus in maternal anemia

Dr. Nobuaki Takahashi

(Associate Professor, The Hakubi Center for Advanced Research, Kyoto University)

16:50 - 17:25

Maternal exercise improve offspring metabolic health through a novel placentokine

Dr. Joji Kusuyama

(Assistant Professor (PI), Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences (FRIS), Tohoku University)

17:25 - 17:30

Closing Remarks

Dr. Hitoshi Takizawa (Professor, IRCMS, Kumamoto University)

※ Anyone in Kumamoto University who wants to join is welcome, but please pre-register by the following URL to secure your seat and/or receive the Zoom meeting information.

Flyer (Click for a larger image):