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Sheng laboratory [new]

Our lab (Laboratory of Developmental Morphogenesis, based in IRCMS, Kumamoto University, Japan) is recruiting researchers at the postdoc and pre-doctoral student levels.

For our research interest and publication output, please see the link ( or (

We have ongoing projects on avian cell reprogramming, avian extraembryonic tissue development, epithelial-mesenchymal transition and using the avian early embryo as the model for assessing developmental potentials of human pluripotent cells.

Undergraduate training in biology is required for pre-doctoral applicants (as an incoming master or doctoral student) and publications in a developmental biology- or stem cell biology-related field are preferred for postdoctoral applicants.

IRCMS (standing for International Research Center for Medical Sciences) is a dynamic, international, and English-language based research organization in Kumamoto University, Japan. Japanese language ability is not required in the work environment. Close interactions and collaboration with other research groups in IRCMS are strongly encouraged. For research interest of other PIs at IRCMS, please check (

For informal inquiry, please email: Guojun Sheng (