IRCMS International Research Center for Medical Sciences


Goro Sashida
M.D., Ph.D.


  1. Goro Sashida, MD, PhD: Group leader
  2. Takako Yokomizo, PhD: Post-doctoral researcher (Research Scientist)
  3. Sho Kubota, PhD: Post-doctoral researcher (Research Scientist)
  4. Mariko Morii, PhD: Post-doctoral researcher (JSPS-RPD)
  5. Jie Bai, PhD: Visiting Researcher (TBRF-fellowship recipient)
  6. Mihoko Iimori: Research assistant
  7. Ai Hamashima, BS: Reseach assistant
  8. Yuqi Sun: PhD student D4 (Kumamoto University)
  9. Wang Yongjie: PhD student D1 (Kumamoto University)
  10. Yonoshin Hayashi: MD student (U3), part-time Research assistant


  1. Sara Kaneda: MD student, part-time research assistant (-2016)
  2. Takako Ideue, MD: Research Specialist (-2018)
  3. Daiki Tanaka: MD student, part-time research assistant (-2019)
  4. Gaber Abdallah Abdallah, MD: Visiting research fellow (-2020)
  5. Nanami Kurita: MD student, part-time research assistant (-2020)
  6. Kuan Jew Win, MD, PhD: Research fellow (JSPS-RONPAKU, PhD from Kumamoto University) (2017-2020)
  7. Supannika Sorin, BS: Visiting PhD student (from Khon Kaen University) (2020-2021)
  8. Ayaka Maeda: MD student, part-time Research assistant (-2021)


If you are interested in studying and working with us, please email at sashidag(at)  We are always happy to hear from good motivated people (potential postdocs, clinical fellows, and students) and undergraduate students, who want to get a PhD degree from Kumamoto University.

Lab photos:

Ayaka graduated School of Medicine, Kumamoto University, and got a MD degree in March 2021. We are proud of Ayaka because of her outstanding accomplishments in Kumamoto. Congratulations! We wish her continued success in a new place as being a doctor!

IMG_20210325_130235 copy.jpg

We send Supannika "Mean" Sorin back to Thailand in January 2021. We wish her good luck!


Lab lunch at a restaurant next to Ezu-ko in May 2019