IRCMS International Research Center for Medical Sciences

Shinya Suzu


June 28 2017

Oct. 2018     The study on ApoE has been accepted to PLoS Pathogens

Sep.2018     Amira Abdel-Daim  joined as a Postdoctoral Researcher.

May.2018  For Practice of Basic Biochemical Experiments, Sizuka Diho and Keita Takahasi,

May.2018     Hesham Nasser conducted collaborative research at Biomedical Research 

                     and Training Institute in  Zimbabwe Republic which is cooperation with 

                     Sarah Rowland-Jones of Oxford University's professor 

Oct. 2017     Omnia AbdelRahman joined lab as D1

Aug. 2017  The collaboration study on fibrocytes was published in Leukemia.

Aug. 2017    Partho Adhikary joined as a Post-doctoral Researcher.

Jul.  2017     Hesham Nasser came back lab as a Post-doctoral Researcher.

May. 2017     For  Practice of Basic Biochemical Experiments, Kouki Sakata and Shusuke Sasao, 

                      the undergraduate (third grader) joined the laboratory