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Research Articles

PDF [on TSS mapping] Lizio et al, PLOS Biology [PMID: 28873399] (2017) Pubmed

PDF [on avian epiblast] Mak et al, eLife doi: 10.7554/eLife.07178 (2015) Pubmed

PDF [on chick cleavages] Nagai et al, Development 142(7):1279-1286 [PMID: 25742796] (2015) Pubmed

PDF [on blood induction] Weng and Sheng Stem Cell Reports 2(3):262-270 [PMID: 24672750] (2014) Pubmed

PDF [on gastrulation EMT] Nakaya et al, Journal of Cell Biology 202(4):637-651 [PMID: 23940118] (2013) Pubmed

PDF [on streak evo-devo] Alev et al, Development 140(13):2691-6 [PMID: 23698348] (2013) Pubmed

PDF [on streak transcriptome] Alev et al, Development 137(17):2863-2874 [PMID: 20667916] (2010) Pubmed

PDF [on blood development] Shin et al, Development 136(4):595-603 [PMID: 19168675] (2009) Pubmed

PDF [on gastrulation EMT] Nakaya et al, Nature Cell Biology 10:765-775 [PMID: 18552836] (2008) Pubmed

PDF [on blood development] Nakazawa et al, Blood 108(10):3335-43 [PMID: 16888091] (2006) Pubmed


Review Articles

PDF [on mesenchymal stem cell] Sheng BMC Developmental Biology 15(1):44 PMID: 26589542] (2015) Pubmed

PDF [on epiblast evolution] Sheng Developmental Biology 401(1):17-24 PMID: 25446532] (2015) Pubmed

PDF [on avian development] Sheng Developmental Dynamics 243(3):357-67 [PMID:24550174] (2014) Pubmed

PDF [on EMT and cancer] Nakaya and Sheng Cancer Letters 341(1):9-15 [PMID: 23462225] (2013) Pubmed

PDF [on streak evolution] Bertocchini et al, DGD 55(1):52-9 [PMID: 23157408] (2013) Pubmed

PDF [on blood development] Sheng IJDB 54(6/7):1033-1043 [PMID: 20563984] (2010) Pubmed

PDF [on gastrulation EMT] Nakaya and Sheng DGD 50:755-766 [PMID: 19046163] (2008) Pubmed


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Full list of publications (* corresponding author)

2018 (as of August 2018)
  • (NEW) H. Nagai, M. Shin, W. Weng, F. Nakazawa, L. M. Jakt, C. Alev and G. Sheng* Early Hematopoietic and vascular development in the chick. International Journal of Developmental Biology 62:137-144 [PMID: 29616721] Pubmed

  • (NEW) S. Hamidi and G. Sheng* Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Development and Homeostasis. Journal of Biochemistry Jul 17. doi: 10.1093/jb/mvy063. 62:137-144 [PMID:30020470] Pubmed
  • M. Lizio, R. Deviatiiarov, H. Nagai, L. Galan, E. Arner, M. Itoh, T. Lassmann, T. Kasukawa, A. Hasegawa, M. A. Ros, Y. Hayashizaki, Piero Carninci, A. R. R. Forrest, H. Kawaji*, O. Gusev* and G. Sheng* Systematic analysis of transcription start sites in avian development. PLOS Biology DOI: 10.137/journal.pbio.2002887 [PMID: 28873399] (2017) Pubmed

  • G. Sheng* Avian and Reptilian Developmental Biology. Methods in Molecular Biology; [book editor]; Humana Press; [ISBN 978-1-4939-7216-6] (2017) Pubmed

  • S. Noguchi, ..., G. Sheng, ..., and Y. Hayashizaki* Fantom5 CAGE profiles of human and mouse samples. Scientific Data; [consortium paper]; doi :10.1038/sdata.2017.112 (2017) Pubmed

  • G. Sheng* and N. A. Kurpios* Morphogenesis: eternal truth or ephemeral beauty. Developmental Dynamics 244:189; editorial [PMID: 26708750] PDF

  • S.S. Mak, C. Alev, H. Nagai, A. Wrabel, Y. Matsuoka, A. Honda, G. Sheng* and R.K. Ladher* Characterization of the finch embryo at oviposition supports the existence of the naive pluripotent state in birds. eLife 4:e07178 [PMID: 26359635] (2015) Pubmed
  • G. Sheng* The developmental basis of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs). BMC Developmental Biology 15(1):44 [review] [PMID: 26589542] (2015) Pubmed
  • S.S. Mak, A. Wrabel, H. Nagai, Y. Matsuoka, R.K. Ladher* and G. Sheng* Zebra finch as a developmental model. Genesis 53:669-677; cover feature [PMID:26385755] (2015) Pubmed

  • Z. Tan, Z. Hu, E.Y. Cai, C. Alev, T. Yang, Z. Li, J. Sung, Y.Y. El-Sayed, G.M. Shaw, D.K. Stevenson, A.J. Butte, G. Sheng, K.G. Sylvester, H.J. Cohen, X.B. Ling Targeted analysis of an ITIH4 peptide isoform: a serum preterm birth biomarker and population SNP implications. Journal of Genetics and Genomics 42(9):507-10 (2015) Pubmed

  • H.J. Choi, H.C. Lee, K.S. Kang, H.G. Lee, H. Nagai, G. Sheng and J.Y. Han* Production of interspecific germline chimeras via embryo transplantation. Biology of Reproduction 93(2):36 [PMID: 26063873] (2015) Pubmed

  • H. Nagai, M. Sezaki, K. Kakiguchi, Y. Nakaya, H.C. Lee, R.K. Ladher, T. Sasanami, J.Y. Han, S. Yonemura and G. Sheng* Cellular analysis of cleavage-stage chick embryos reveals hidden conservation in vertebrate development. Development 142(7):1279-1286 [PMID: 25742796] (2015) Pubmed

  • G. Sheng* Epiblast morphogenesis before gastrulation. Developmental Biology 401(1):17-24 [review] [PMID: 25446532] (2015) Pubmed

  • W. Weng and G. Sheng* Five transcription factors and FGF pathway inhibition efficiently induce erythroid differentiation in the epiblast. Stem Cell Reports 2(3):262-270 [PMID: 24672750] (2014) Pubmed

  • H. Nagai, M. Sezaki, F. Bertocchini, K. Fukuda and G. Sheng* HINTW, a W-chromosome HINT gene in chick, is expressed ubiquitously and is a robust female cell marker applicable in intra-specific chimera studies. Genesis 52(5):424-30 [PMID:24599776] (2014) Pubmed

  • R. R. Forrest*, ..., G. Sheng, ..., P. Carninci* and Y. Hayashizaki* A promoter level mammalian expression atlas. Nature 507(7493):462-70 [PMID:24670764] (2014) Pubmed

  • G. Sheng* Day-1 chick development. Developmental Dynamics 243(3):357-67 [review] [PMID:24550174] (2014) Pubmed

  • B.A.S. McIntyre, C. Alev, R. Mechael, J.B. Lee, Y. Wu, J. Stearns, J. McNicol, M. Levadoux-Martin, G. Sheng and M. Bhatia* Expansive generation of functional airway epithelium from human embryonic stem cells. Stem Cells Translational Medicine 3:7-17 [PMID:24300555] (2014) Pubmed

  • Y. Nakaya and G. Sheng* Cell shape and cell lineage conversion. Journal of Poultry Science [review] [doi:10.2141/jpsa.010088] (2014) Weblink

  • H. Nagai, M. Sezaki, H. Nakamura and G. Sheng* Extending the limits of avian embryo culture with the modified Cornish pasty and whole-embryo transplantation methods. Methods 66:441-446; cover feature [PMID: 23707610] (2014) Pubmed

  • H.C. Lee, H.J. Choi, T.S. Park, S.I. Lee, Y.M. Kim, D. Rengaraj, H. Nagai, G. Sheng, J.M. Lim and J.Y. Han* Cleavage events and sperm dynamics in chick intrauterine embryos. PLoS ONE 8(11):e80631 [PMID:24244702] (2013) Pubmed

  • R.T.H. Lee, H. Nagai, Y. Nakaya, G. Sheng, P.A. Trainor, J.A. Weston and J-P Thiery* Cell delamination in the mesencephalic neural fold and its implication for the origin of ectomesenchyme. Development 140:4890-4902 [PMID:24198279] (2013) Pubmed

  • Y. Nakaya, E. Sukowati and G. Sheng* Epiblast integrity requires CLASP and Dystroglycan-mediated microtubule anchoring to basal cortex. Journal of Cell Biology 202(4):637-651; cover feature [PMID: 23940118] (2013) Pubmed

  • Q. Wen, L. Liu, T. Yang, C. Alev, S. Wu, D. Stevenson, G. Sheng, A. Butte and X.B. Ling* Peptidomic identification of serum peptides diagnosing preeclampsia. PLoS ONE 8(6):e65571 [PMID: 23840341] (2013) Pubmed

  • Papanayotou, I. De Almeida, P. Liao, N. M. M. Oliveira, S. Q. Lu, E. Kougioumtzidou, L. Zhu, A. Shaw, G. Sheng, A. Streit, D. Yu, T. W. Soong and C. D. Stern* Calfacilitin is a calcium channel modulator essential for initiation of neural plate development. Nature Communications 4:1837 [PMID: 23673622] (2013) Pubmed

  • Alev, Y. Wu, Y. Nakaya and G. Sheng* Decoupling of amniote gastrulation and primitive streak formation reveals a morphogenetic unity in vertebrate mesoderm induction. Development 140(13):2691-6 [PMID: 23698348] (2013) Pubmed

  • Y. Nakaya and G. Sheng* EMT in developmental morphogenesis. Cancer Letters 341(1):9-15 [review] [PMID: 23462225] (2013) Pubmed

  • B.A.S. McIntyre, V. Ramos-Mejia, S. Rampalli, R. Mechael, J-H. Lee, C. Alev, G. Sheng and M. Bhatia* Gli3-mediated hedgehog inhibition in human pluripotent stem cells initiates and augments developmental programming of adult hematopoiesis. Blood 121(9):1543-52 [PMID: 23293081] (2013) Pubmed

  • Alev, M. Nakano, Y. Wu, H. Horiuchi* and G. Sheng* Manipulating the avian epiblast and epiblast-derived stem cells. Methods in Molecular Biology 1074:151-173 [PMID: 23975812] (2013) PDF Pubmed

  • Bertocchini*, C. Alev, Y. Nakaya and G. Sheng* A little winning streak: the reptilian-eye view of gastrulation in birds. Development, Growth and Differentiation 55(1):52-9 [review] [PMID: 23157408] (2013) Pubmed

Older publications from the Sheng Lab (2004-2012)
  • G. Sheng* and A. C. Foley Diversification and conservation of the extraembryonic tissues in mediating nutrient uptake during amniote development. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1271:97-103 [review] [PMID: 23050970] (2012) Pubmed

  • Y. Tanaka, M. Hayashi, Y. Kubota, H. Nagai, G. Sheng, S. I. Nishikawa and I. M. Samokhvalov* Early ontogenic origin of the hematopoietic stem cell lineage. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 109(12): 4515-4520 [PMID: 22392989] (2012) Pubmed

  • Nakazawa, C. Alev, L. M. Jakt and G. Sheng* Yolk sac endoderm is the major source of serum proteins and lipids, and is involved in the regulation of vascular integrity in early chick development. Developmental Dynamics 240(8):2002-2010 [PMID: 21761483] (2011) Pubmed

  • S. Pinho, P. R. Simonsson, K. E. Trevers, M. J. Stower, W. T. Sherlock, M. Khan, A. Streit, G. Sheng and C. D. Stern* Distinct steps of neural induction revealed by Asterix, Obelix and TrkC, genes induced by different signals from the organizer. PLoS ONE 6(4):e19157 [PMID: 21559472] (2011) Pubmed

  • M. Shin, C. Alev, Y. Wu, H. Nagai and G. Sheng* Activin/TGF-beta signaling pathway regulates Nanog expression in the epiblast during gastrulation. Mechanisms of Development 128(5-6):268-278; cover feature [PMID: 21402155] (2011) Pubmed

  • Gibson, N. Robinson, A. Streit, G. Sheng and C. D. Stern* Regulation of programmed cell death during neural induction in the chick embryo. International Journal of Developmental Biology 55(1):33-43 [PMID: 21305469] (2011) Pubmed

  • Nagai, S. Mak, W. Weng, Y. Nagaya, R. Ladher and G. Sheng* Embryonic development of the emu, Dromaius novaehollandiae. Developmental Dynamics 240(1):162-175; cover feature in 240(6) issue [PMID: 21181941] (2011) Pubmed

  • Nagai, M.C. Lin and G. Sheng* A modified cornish pasty method for ex ovo culture of the chick embryo. Genesis 49(1):46-52; cover feature [PMID: 21086435] (2011) Pubmed

  • W. Kimura, C. Alev, G. Sheng, L.M. Jakt, S. Yasugi and K. Fukuda* Identification of region-specific genes in the early chicken endoderm. Gene Expression Patterns 11:171-180 [PMID: 21081180] (2011) Pubmed

  • Y. Nakaya, E.W. Sukowati, C. Alev, F. Nakazawa and G. Sheng* Involvement of dystroglycan in epithelial-mesenchymal transition during chick gastrulation. Cells Tissues Organs 193(1-2):64-73 [PMID: 21051858] (2011) Pubmed

  • Alev, Y. Wu, T. Kasukawa, L. M. Jakt, H. R. Ueda and G. Sheng* Transcriptomic landscape of the primitive streak. Development 137(17):2863-2874 [PMID: 20667916] (2010) Pubmed

  • G. Sheng* Primitive and definitive erythropoiesis in the yolk sac: a bird's eye view. International Journal of Developmental Biology 54(6/7):1033-1043; [review; in special issue on developmental hematopoiesis] [PMID: 20563984] (2010) Pubmed

  • G. Sheng* Vive la difference. Cell Adhesion and Migration 4(3):439; guest editor letter [PMID: 20954294] (2010) Pubmed

  • Alev, B.A.S. McIntyre, K. Ota and G. Sheng* Dynamic expression of Endoglin, a TGF-beta co-receptor, during pre-circulation vascular development in chick. International Journal of Developmental Biology 54(4):737-742; cover feature [PMID: 2020944] (2010) Pubmed

  • Alev, K. Shinmyozu, B.A.S. McIntyre and G. Sheng* Genomic organization of zebra finch alpha and beta globin genes and their expression in primitive and definitive blood in comparison with globins in chicken. Development, Genes and Evolution 219(7):353-360; cover feature [PMID: 19609557] (2009) Pubmed

  • C. Alev, Y. Wu, F. Nakazawa, T. Asahara and G. Sheng* NFATc2 Ser170 phosphorylation marks mitosis in development and ES cells. Cell Cycle 8(11):1803-1805 [PMID: 19395856] (2009) Pubmed

  • Y. Nakaya and G. Sheng* An amicable separation: chick's way of doing EMT. Cell Adhesion and Migration 3 (2):160-163; primary data/review; cover feature [PMID: 19262172] (2009) Pubmed

  • M. Shin, H. Nagai and G. Sheng* Notch mediates Wnt and BMP signals in the early separation of smooth muscle progenitors and blood/endothelial common progenitors. Development 136(4):595-603 [PMID: 19168675] (2009) Pubmed

  • Nakazawa, C. Alev, M. Shin, Y. Nakaya, L.M. Jakt and G. Sheng* PBRL, a putative peripheral benzodiazepine receptor, in primitive erythropoiesis. Gene Expression Patterns 9:114-121 [PMID: 18845277] (2009) Pubmed

  • Y. Nakaya and G. Sheng* Epithelial to mesenchymal transition during gastrulation: an embryological view. Development, Growth and Differentiation 50:755-766; [review] cover feature [PMID: 19046163] (2008) Pubmed

  • Nagai and G. Sheng* Definitive erythropoiesis in chicken yolk sac. Developmental Dynamics 237(11):3332-3341 [PMID: 18924232] (2008) Pubmed

  • Y. Nakaya, E.W. Sukowati, Y. Wu and G. Sheng* RhoA and microtubule dynamics control cell-basement membrane interaction in EMT during gastrulation. Nature Cell Biology 10:765-775; article; cover feature; News and views feature [PMID: 18552836] (2008) Pubmed

  • C. Alev, B.A.S. McIntyre, H. Nagai, M. Shin, K. Shinmyozu, L.M. Jakt and G. Sheng* BetaA, the major beta globin in definitive red blood cells, is present from the onset of primitive erythropoiesis in chicken. Developmental Dynamics 237(4):1193-1197 [PMID: 18351667] (2008) Pubmed

  • B.A.S. McIntyre, C. Alev, H. Tarui, L.M. Jakt and G. Sheng* Expression profiling of circulating non-red blood cells in embryonic blood. BMC Developmental Biology 8(1):21 [PMID: 18302797] (2008) Pubmed

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  • Ota, H. Nagai and G. Sheng* Expression and hypoxic regulation of hif1alpha and hif2alpha during early blood and endothelial cell differentiation in chick. Gene Expression Patterns 7(7):761-6 [PMID: 17625986] (2007) Pubmed

  • Nakazawa, H. Nagai, M. Shin and G. Sheng* Negative regulation of primitive hematopoiesis by the FGF signaling pathway. Blood 108(10):3335-43; cover feature [PMID: 16888091] (2006) Pubmed

  • A.P. Chervenak, P. Basu, M. Shin, L.C. Redmond, G. Sheng and J.A. Lloyd* Identification, characterization and expression pattern of the chicken EKLF gene. Developmental Dynamics 235(7):1933-40 [PMID: 16680725] (2006) Pubmed

Older publications from the PI (<2004; from UCL, Columbia U and Rockefeller U)
  • Sheng, M. dos Reis and C.D. Stern* Churchill, a zinc finger transcriptional activator, regulates the transition between gastrulation and neurulation. Cell 115(5):603-613 [PMID: 14651851] (2003) Pubmed

  • Sheng and C.D. Stern* Gata2 and Gata3: Novel markers for early embryonic polarity and for non-neural ectoderm in the chick embryo. Mechanisms of Development 87(1-2):213-6 [PMID: 10495290] (1999) Pubmed

  • G. Sheng, E. Thouvenot, D. Schmucker, D.S. Wilson and C. Desplan* Direct regulation of rhodopsin 1 by Pax-6/eyeless in Drosophila: evidence for a conserved function in photoreceptors. Genes and Development 11(9):1122-31 [PMID: 9159393] (1997) Pubmed

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  • C. Bertuccioli, L. Fassano, S. Jun, S. Wang, G. Sheng and C. Desplan* In vivo requirement for the paired domain and the homeodomain of the paired segmentation gene product. Development 122(9):2673-85 [PMID: 8787742] (1996) Pubmed

  • D.S. Wilson, G. Sheng, S. Jun and C. Desplan* Conservation and diversification in homeodomain-DNA interactions: a comparative genetic analysis. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 93(14):6886-91 [PMID: 8692913] (1996) Pubmed

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