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IRCMS Research Internship Program 2017 [Application closed]

March 30 2017

The application period for IRCMS Research Internship Program 2017 is over.  Shown below for your reference is Guidelines for FY2017.

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IRCMS has started the application period for its internship program to provide hands-on research opportunities for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in advanced medical research as "Research Interns".

Guidelines for the IRCMS Research Internship Program FY2017

International Research Center for Medical Sciences (IRCMS) was established in 2014 as the center of excellence of Kumamoto University for the purpose of promoting life sciences.

IRCMS has a strong interest with the highest priority in developing a global collaboration and is focusing on exchange of young scientists at the PhD graduate student and postdoctoral levels with partner institutes abroad.

IRCMS has provided hands-on research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate placement who have the interest and motivation toward the advanced medical research as "Research Interns". 


1. Undergraduate or graduate students in the field of medical sciences at an overseas university.

2. Others as recent bachelor or master course graduates planning to enter postgraduate programs and having received approval of eligibility by the director of the IRCMS.

Preference will be given to applicants aiming to enter the Master or PhD course at IRCMS.  

Financial aid

IRCMS provides the participants with the travel expenses and *accommodation for during the IRCMS Research Internship Program as the financial aid. The participation fee for the program will be free of charge.

1) Travel expenses: One direct roundtrip travel between the residence and Kumamoto. (The IRCMS will arrange the most reasonable travel means for participants.)

2) *Accommodation: All or a part of the accommodation costs during the program will be provided.


2 to 16 weeks until early March 2018

 Application Period

April 3 to April 23, 2017

Application Procedure

(1)   Choose a PI (Principal Investigator) whom the applicant desire to work for from the list below.

(Please replace [at] with @)


Introduction of research activities and laboratory


Yasuo Ariumi, Ph.D.

Virology, Cell Biology


Masaya Baba,


Oncology, Mouse Model Research


Takatsugu Ishimoto


Cancer Stem Cells, Genomic Oncology of Stomach Cancer


Koichi Nishiyama,


Vascular biology, Quantitative & theoretical biology


Motomi Osato


Hematology, Oncology


Goro Sashida,


Hematology, Oncology


Yorifumi Satou,


Retrovirology, Hematology


Christian Schönbach


Bioinformatics, Genomics, Immunoinformatics


Guojun Sheng, Ph.D.

Early Embryogenesis


Shinya Suzu, Ph.D.

Cellular Immunology, Hematology


Hitoshi Takizawa,


Stem Cell Biology, Hematology


Takamasa Ueno,





(2)   Send all application documents below as PDF or other types of digital files to the PI whom you chose by e-mail. The PI will send you an acknowledgement by e-mail once a complete set of application materials is received.

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Please use CV provided in the file above.

  • A letter of recommendation from your supervisor or a professor at your university or at the organization. There is no specific format for this.

Selection Results

Successful participants will be decided through a comprehensive assessment of all submitted application materials. All participants will receive e-mail notification of the result of assessment from the Director of IRCMS.

Successful participants must confirm their firm participation by replying within 7 days after the result notification was sent (please note the international time difference.). If no reply is received within 7 days for whatever reason, then IRCMS will interpret the lack of a response as declining the participation to the IRCMS Research Internship Program. 


  • At the conclusion of the program, participants must submit a report on the research project.

  • The Director of IRCMS will issue a certification for those who have completed the program and submitted a report.

  • Participants must obtain an appropriate health and travel insurance covering the travel period.

  • Participants must return their home countries soon after the completion of program.


Administration Office
International Research Center for Medical Sciences (IRCMS)
Kumamoto University
Email: ircms [at]